Delivery Information


All delivery will arranged by Skynet Courier.


Skynet Courier provide tracking number which you can use to trace your order during shipment.


By using Skynet courier service, you can receive you items from 2 - 8 days. Keep in mind that this is the amount of time it takes after we have received your payment, not after the time you place your order. For credit card payment customers. Once you have entered your credit card details on our payment page, it will takes 24 hours for your credit card verifications.


After your card has been veryfied, we will ship your order. Please keep in mind that (2 - 8 days) are the usual amount of time it takes and packages can be delayed for any number of reasons or depends on your location. As such, please do allow some buffer time for your package to reach you. If you have waited that long (at least double the maximum amount of time shown above), and you still have no package, please contact us immediately and we will check it out for you. Our records show that our customers do not experience any missing packages since Skynet provide tracking number with tracing capabilities.


Please feel free to contact us at about any policy-related questions that are not addressed here.

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